Thursday, September 23, 2010


The moon is an eye,
strolling along the elliptical tracks
around the earth. Lurking beneath
the sheer sheets of clouds,
enthralled by the scene below.

It encircles the world, roaming
like a tanod
1 with his silent alarm
not even the nocturnal hears,
more so the naive asleep.

You on the other hand
stare back, charmed by its coiled craters,
wondering if they are the source of its enigma.
While the shadows of its crescent light, mark
under your own round eyes.

Because you believe
the world unfolds
in the depths of darkness;
what is hidden in sight
reveals in the absence of light.

Yet, when the equinox comes
the moon remains modest
juxtaposed to the potent sun.

- sentinel
n: a Filipino word for one stationed to keep watch and guard against surprises

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