Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A kapre is a giant Filipino mythical creature that lives on a tree. Kapres are considered demons, but they are genuinely known for their harmless nature (at least that’s what I’ve heard). They are often characterized as hippie bearded male smokers; they are famous for being giant cigar smoking bum men. Have never really heard stories about kapres of the opposite sex. Thus, I drew this.
My very own adaptation of a female kapre.

A close up of her face.


ms.amnie said...

thanks for the comment!

juca said...

Thanks your comment and visit!

I had to look after kapre, because i didn't know about them. Thank you for learning something new. Your Kapre is very cute. :-)

Claud said...

Ms. Amnie, No problem:)

Juca, Thank you! I appreciate a compliment from such a wonderful artist. Actually, A kapre looks more of a human than a tree. I just think they'd be more whimsical and interesting if they would look like this. Haha

mayen said...

very nice drawing..its the fist time i've seen a picture of female kapre. thanks.. hehe.. i'm a new follower. looking forward to read a lot of good stuff here. :)

Claud said...

Thank you Mayen! Hoping to satisfy your reading cravings :)

sugarmouse said...

i love your header! :D :D sho cute. and that's some mad awesome art.

Claud said...

Thank you sugarmouse!Glad you like it :D

Daphne said...




Claud said...

Thanks Daphne!:)
I think its cool that you glow in the dark!(labo)