Friday, June 24, 2011

On Falcon, Ondoy, etc.


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Hello rain! Come. Pour. I spread my arms in welcome.
I want to feel you fall, pressed, on my skin. Let me saturate, until I am cleaned.
Geez. It’s raining hard. Floods are everywhere. People will have a hard time sleeping later.
As for us… Because we have a paranoid mother, we've just evacuated from our home in San Mateo and moved to our shop in East Ave.. We’ll be spending the night here until the rain subsides. I don’t think it’ll flood in our area though. But since the aftermath of Ondoy was nothing we’ve expected, I didn’t oppose mommy anymore. Well, better take precautions than to regret it later! And besides, we can’t neglect mother’s instincts.
I was at school when Ondoy happened. I was informed of what’s happening outside, but didn’t take it seriously. The news passed in and out of my ears like any regular gossip. So in the midst of all the floods, panic, and traffic, I managed to goof around, without knowing the degree of seriousness of all the chaos. Little did I know that it will cause my family a near death trauma and a short period of deprivation. But hey! On the Brightside, at least I got to live my dream of being a nomad for a while. (Yes, that’s my dream. For reasons you will only understand if you know me well) We will never forget that experience.
Hope everyone’s okay! Stay safe friends!

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